Established in 2018​

Teutonick Computing

The business started in 2017, as a hobby for some electronic prototypes and later a small business trading in server hosting and electronic hardware including cryptocurrency mining parts. With extensive automotive electronics knowledge, Teutonick Computing also explored the field of automotive diagnosis and equipment.

In 2019 Teutonick Computing moved to the Gauteng area and halted all business and had to rethink the whole business model. At the end of 2019, Teutonick Computing established good business relations with various electronics suppliers in Shenzhen, China and took a new step in the cooling solutions of graphic cards and cryptocurrency mining components. A humble restart, selling cooling fans from the luggage compartment of a car to a fully operational eCommerce store.

The product range expanded into various electronic hardware and computer components, with a vision of supplying quality products, at reasonable prices to our customers. The way of business has changed drastically in 2020 and Teutonick Computing embraced the new way of business, to be online and connected – The goal is then seamless online shopping of our products with an emphasis on customer service. Various points of contact are available, from social media to direct messaging via WhatsApp and email correspondence. Online shopping should not be impersonal just because there is no walk-in shop.

What’s with the name?

Well, ‘Computing’ reiterates the company’s goal, to solve problems for our customers; but to do so in a quick-responsive and cost-effective manner.

‘Teutonick’ has a deeper meaning towards the family who started this business. Our families are on the one side German descendants and the other side British descendants but rooted deep in the red soil of South Africa. Teutonick, spelt in old English with the ‘k’ at the end to refer to the time of the old Germanic people called the Teutons (which predates and must not be confused with Teutonic) where the families were once one before splitting into the later German, Celts and Angles.

Willem Bornman


South Africa’s first and only importer of essential computer components and tools for a wide range of products.


To provide excellent products, services and support to our clients, extending the life of your devices.


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Quality products
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